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Byron was first bitten by the musical bug at the age of 5 upon hearing The Beatles and was then turned on to the likes of Randy Rhoads, Michael Schenker, Jimmy Page, Steve Vai and Joe Satriani all of whom influenced his playing along with other styles of music like Jazz and Classical music. When he was 18 Byron formed his first band Sacred Heart that along with his other bands Amon-Ra, Prodigy, and Electro-Motive-Force played the Cleveland club circuit thru the East Coast that included NYC landmarks such as CBGB’s, The Cat Club and Limelight.

In 2017 Byron put together a brand new band called Rogue Society that has now officially launched. That band has garnered a huge social media following on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Currently Rogue Society is preparing for an amazing live show and working on originals as the band gets ready to enter the studio with material that will leave a lasting inpact on the world.

Rogue Society is Roddy Barney • Vocals, Byron Nemeth • Guitar, Bill Jackson • Drums, Peter Riot • Bass Guitar and on background vocals Rachel Parsons and Donna Russo-Tompkins.

CLICK HERE to visit the Rogue Society Facebook page.

In March of 2016 Byron finished a wildly successful 30 City tour with Kill Ritual last March that covered 7000 Miles stretching from California to Ohio which led the band to find many new fans and 2 endorsements by Blackstar Amps and ESP Guitars.

In 2014 The Video Chronicles was released as 4 song studio and video release featuring Jeremy Colson/Drums and Philip Bynoe/Bass from the Steve Vai Band and Mark Boals/Vocals from Yngwie Malmsteen’s early records. This recording further explored Byron’s talents as a lyricist, in addition to composer.

A New Freedom was recorded at Steve Vai’s The Mothership Studio Jun 10th 12th 2013 Los Angeles, CA and Fight,Everybody Knows & Riding On The Flames were recorded at Patigonia Studios from Feb 1st 5th 2014 in Los Angeles, CA. The EP was Produced by Greg Wurth who has also engineered on all of Steve Vai’s projects. The Mastering was by Maor Appelbaum who has mastered Rob Halford, Armored Saint, Sepultura and many others. Video by EchoHouse Films and released world wide on You Tube and iTunes.

Prior to this on February 8th, 2013 Pure Steel Records Germany re-released a limited vinyl Re-Master of the 1992 album Amon-Ra “In The Company Of The Gods” This was the second re-release by Pure Steel Records of Byrons past works. The gateway fold artwork for this album was created by renowned German artist Timo Wuerz. The first re-release by Pure Steel Records was on April 27th, 2012 with Sacred Heart “The Vision” (music from the original 1989 cassette) saw the light of day as a new CD at the “Keep-It-True” Festival in Koenigshofen, Germany.

The CD was Re-Mastered by studio guru Bruce Maddocks in Los Angeles in January of 2012. A video production of I Am The Walrus (originally released in 2006 on The Force Within album) preceded these projects in August 2011. Produced by Steven Esparza & Robert Turchick with a special guest appearance by Cathy Rankin. Shot on location at 98 KUPD radio

After his commissioned performance as first guitar with Richard Hendrickson’s rock opera “Ozone Hour” in 1997, Byron made the decision to move forward with his solo career. In 1999, he released the EP “Byron Nemeth Group” with four songs including, “Millennium Machine” and “Two Moon Sky.” Byron exercised his abilities as a multi-instrumentalist and producer with his next release “2000” where he played all instruments and produced the album. “2000” was well received that he was given the opportunity to play on the Japanese release of the tribute album “Warmth in the Wilderness” in honor of Jason Becker BNG performed “It’s Showtime” to honor Becker.

In 2009 Byron Nemeth Group (BNG) released a 5 song EP. During this time the band opened for Ratt and Y&T at the Cleveland Agora and House Of Blues and went in the studio and contributed to the FnA Records Whitesnake Tribute album “Shredding Skin” on which they performed “Slip of the Tongue”.

Byron has a featured chapter Switching Gears in the book Working Musicians by New York City ASCAP/DEEMS Taylor award winning author Bruce Pollock. Working Musicians displays defining moments from the studio, the stage and the road from a variety of noteworthy artists. The interviews are as eye-opening as they are fascinating reading, offering rare insight into a musician’s career, from starting out to making it big. Working Musicians is published by Harper-Collins Publishing.

In 2004 Byron put together a new manifestation of Byron Nemeth Group (BNG) and recorded 100 Worlds. The album was mastered by the legendary engineer Nick Webb who has Mastered albums by Duran Duran and Queen at Abbey Road Studios. “I got in touch with Nick thru a friend of mine that used to work for Yamaha Instruments Europe,” Byron relates. “Abbey Road would be one of his clients for studio gear and he had visited Abbey Road many times. When he found out I was looking to Master my CD he immediately introduced me to Nick which led to the Abbey Road sessions.

BNG’s Digital Nations debut The Force Within is their third full length effort and fourth release overall that is a tour de force of guitar acrobatics and prog rock sensibilities comparable to the masters of the genre. Also handed over to Nick Webb at Abbey Road Studios – this was one of the last projects Webb did before his retirement. It’s also Byron’s first album to feature cover art from world renowned artist Hugh Syme (Rush, Dream Theater) “I could not imagine when I first saw Hugh Syme’s work years ago with early Rush albums that later on he would also be doing art work for me,” Nemeth says. “What a great feeling it is to be working with such a master artist that brings out the vibe of the music thru the CD cover. Art that totally represents the band.”

The opus kicks off with Satrianimal which is, exactly as the title suggests, a tribute to Joe Satriani. “Since Satriani has been the master of guitar to many of us guitar players it felt only natural to write an original song with a twist on the song title that tributes his name and music in that flavor,” Byron states. The album’s title track follows and is an epic 8 minute plus run, incorporating several different genres bridging crunchy riffs with uber melodic soloing all the while focusing on the song and how it fits into the realm of progressive art rock. The Force Within closes with the Beatles classic I Am The Walrus.

Byron talks about the inspiration, both musically and conceptually for The Force Within “The inspiration came from the human element that we all have about knowing that you can do anything. It’s the inner spiritual being within all of us that allows amazing things to happen. That human element is The Force Within Hugh Syme captured this concept perfectly with the artwork. The boy with the WWI gas mask represents the perils of humanity, the open fields represent the openness of potentiality, the storms represent changes in life and the rainbow represents the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow that is The Force Within element in each of us.

Throughout his career Byron has opened for such notable bands such as RATT, Richie Kotzen, Warrant, Winger, Dream Theater, Rick Emmett from Triumph, Wrathchild America, Vicious Rumors with Vinnie Moore, Helix, Keel, David Chastain, Tony McAlpine, Yes, Black Label Society, Kerry Livgren from Kansas, Enuff Z’Nuff, Michael Schenker Group and legendary progressive rock band Fates Warning just to name a few.

Most recently Byron has signed a distribution deal with Cleopatra Records that will debut on Spotify and Apple iTunes summer of 2017. Cleopatra Records is a Los Angeles-based independent record label founded in 1992 by entrepreneur and music fan Brian Perera.

A New Freedom • Recorded at The Mothership

I Am The Walrus • The Force Within

Fight • Patigonia Studios

Everybody Knows • Patigonia Studios

Riding On The Flames • Patigonia Studios

Tracii Guns • Patigonia Studios

Live Solo at Cactus Jacks • Rogue Society

Stand Up • Rogue Society

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